Town - lopar

The Registers Collection of the Zadar State Archives (HR-DAZD-378) currently numbers around 2,400 registers of baptisms (births), marriages and deaths. The Zadar State Archives are currently digitalising them all systematically in our own photographic laboratory, in order to make this valuable, frequently consulted material available online. On our website, the Digital Archive is supplemented daily with new images from the registers.

Before you begin, please look at the inventory of the Registers Collection , which can be found under ‘Finding aids’. There, you can check which registers (by town or parish) are kept in our archives. If one of the volumes listed in the inventory is not available among the online images, that means it has not yet been photographed and uploaded to the website.

Please follow these instructions to view the digital images:

In the tab ‘Search place’, write the name of the town or parish.

  1. Click on the selected place.
  2. Select the book by clicking on the camera icon (right).
  3. Wait for the digital image of the book to open.
  4. Browse the pages by clicking on the arrow or using the toolbar. Images can be enlarged without the loss of high resolution.
  5. Enjoy exploring!

  • R k = Birth register
  • V k = Marriage register
  • M k = Death register
  • K k = Confirmation register
  • P k = Communion register
  • PI k = Communion and confession register
  • GS k = Civil status registry
  • A k = Inventory – Spiritual state
  • s = page
  • p = script
  • k = book
Inventory number Type of book Time period
INV.BR.556 - LOPAR MKR 1742-1782
INV.BR.557 - LOPAR MKR 1742-1852
INV.BR.558 - LOPAR MKR 1783-1809
INV.BR.559 - LOPAR MKR 1825-1839
INV.BR.560 - LOPAR MKR 1840-1861
INV.BR.561 - LOPAR MKV 1743-1782
INV.BR.562 - LOPAR MKV 1783-1824
INV.BR.563 - LOPAR MKV 1825-1847
INV.BR.564 - LOPAR MKV 1848-1858
INV.BR.565 - LOPAR MKM 1783-1807
INV.BR.566 - LOPAR MKM 1807-1825
INV.BR.567 - LOPAR MKM 1825-1841
INV.BR.568 - LOPAR MKM 1841-1858